Let's talk about surprise ejaculation: 5 rules for ejaculation etiquette


Guys listen up. Your mom might of taught you about table manners, but she probably didn’t fill you on about cleaning up after yourself in the bedroom.

Ejaculation etiquette is a topic which isn't really spoken about, perhaps because when you’re a sexually active adult it's supposed to be common fucking sense. Ejactulation is a messy thing and when it's by surprise I would even say it’s fucken rude and inconsiderate.  Now suprise ejactualtion is different to coming too soon or premature ejaculation. It’s when there is no information provided about when and where a guy is about to come.  When it comes to ejaculating, biffing or jizzing there is universal rules that should be followed by men, and if you don’t shame on you!

1.) Use a condom 


One night stands, casual sex partners, non-relationship sex, friends with benefits and any kind of sex which happens out of a relationship. It is common fucking courtesy to use a fucking condom. Full stop. The end.

2.) A warning system 


Not informing your sexual partner about when you're about to come is also impolite and selfish. Especially when your partner hasn’t come yet or you're in her mouth!

 3.) Where to come


It is also polite as fuck to ask questions such as “can I come in your mouth?” or “can I come on your back/boobs?” or “can I come inside of you?”. Asking “are you on the pill?” does not give you free rein for you to come wherever the fuck you please. Get permission.

 4.) The clean up


Get the lady a towel.

5.) Pull out 


Not pulling out when you’re not wearing a condom, not trying for a baby, not in a long term relationship or haven’t asked her if you can come in her is pretty fucken primitive. Not only is it sloppy to leave her to deal with the mess you left in her but it is also creepy as fuck. Don’t be a fucken weirdo.

Come on guys or don't!


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