7 Reasons Why Being In Your Late 20's Actually Rocks

late 20s rock
7 Reasons Why Being In Your Late 20's Actually Rocks

If you're mid twenties going on late twenties I'm sure you will know all about this struggle. The daunting thought of getting older and so much closer to the dreaded 30.

But why? Why has society instilled fear into us growing older and why aren't people questioning those stigmas? Even as children, we were told to listen to people who were older and wiser.  So why is everyone so afraid of getting old? Having joined the late twenties club, it has undoubtedly got me thinking about how being in your late 20's actually f@$%ing rocks.

Here's why:

1.) You've Discovered Who Your Real Friends Are

Gone are the days of rocky friendships and trying to impress "the in crowd". With age comes the realization that friendships will change and grow as you do. The beauty of it is that the best of friends always find a way back to each other, even when your paths go in different directions.  If they are still around then chances are that they here for good.  Going forward, you have become a bit pickier when it comes to making new friends. With age you've become more aware about who you are, what you're about and what you want in life - you have no time for mediocre, fake as friendships.

2.) You Don't Feel Guilty About A Night In

You can stay in and not feel like a loser. FOMO and YOLO no longer exist in your vocabulary. You've had your share of random drunken, late night escapades. Now you can stay in, get take-outs and watch movies without anyone judging you. You do what you want, and not what is expected of you. YOLO and FOMO are finally over and thank god for that.

3.) You Start Actually Living

Your weekends do not consist of you hugging a toilet in your pajamas, followed by going through cycles of sleeping and eating until you are ready to go out again. You don't spend your entire week trying to recover from your BIG weekend. You don't miss drinkers remorse or trying to piece together the events of your night. You cringe at the sight of a drunk person. You start realising that waking up in the morning without a hangover actually feels AMAZING! You start being constructive and actually living your life.  Your life finally starts to resemble exactly that....a life.

4.) You Start Looking After Yourself

You start caring about your health, because "Honey, losing 5kgs ain't that easy anymore". You are wise enough to know that drinking, smoking, eating fast-food, and not getting enough sleep or exercise hasn't been the best decision you've made for your body. Your new narcotic comes in the form of exercise. You become super diligent with removing your make up before bed. Eating healthy becomes a thing and you notice how good you feel. Your health isn't the only way you start looking after yourself. You are also more vigilant and weary of driving alone at night, taking rides home from the cute guy you met at the bar. You don't drive home drunk anymore; you take Uber even when you're sober.

5.) Your Career Has Taken Shape

You've gotten use to the concept of work and in fact you've bloody embraced it! Gone are the days where you get to sleep in or skip class.  Your coffee making skills which you gained from interning were put on hold years ago and job-hopping is one of your pet hates now.  You've found out what you really want and have a clearly defined career path in mind for yourself. You've set yourself career goals and you are constantly working on your professional self. You can't afford to go to work hung over because it sucks and you can't risk falling back on work.  An additional perk to this is that you've finally started earning decently too, which means you can fend for yourself and splash out, when you want.

6.) You're Still Young Enough To Get A Bit Crazy!

If you do decide to go out and party, you will still blend in perfectly and no one will stare at you like that weird 40 year old at the club.  You can finally afford to go out, as opposed to taking advantage of drink specials, which leave you completely smashed. But you are old enough to know better and know when to call it a night and hangovers are rough! Your past memories and experience have equipped you to know better which means you're less likely to live recklessly. A night out takes on a different meaning!

7.) You give less of a "F@#%"

Saved this goodie for last.  Gossiping? People talking smack about you? What people think of you? What he/she said? The best thing is that you stop caring. Set backs don't bother you as much as they use to. You have a hard time getting worked up over - well anything that isn't important. You are more focused on the BIGGER picture and you no longer have the energy to fret over useless stuff. You're old enough to realize that people WILL judge you, and who cares?

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