3 Social Media Apps to get in 2016

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3 Social Media Apps to get in 2016

Social media as we know it can be fun, keep you connected to friends, give you freedom of expression, but in parallel can be down right ugly! From being a victim to cyber bullying, to seeing your friends obviously photo edited photo with the caption “I woke up like this”.

Have you noticed that downward spike of Facebook use? Also who remembers Pinterest? Out with the old, in with the new. 

Here’s why these 3 Social Media Networks are my choice!


Although at first I was skeptical about Snapchat, but I have recently become ever so slightly obsessed with this super cool social network. The reason why I like it and choose it as a fav when it comes to social media, is because it’s real time and completely fun. You can snap pictures and videos, add effects to your snaps as well as captions and filters to emphasise on your messaging. The cool thing is that your snaps aren’t shown forever, and you can choose how many seconds you allow them to be viewable for. You can add snaps to your story where all your followers will be able to view your snaps, however this too has a time limit of 24 hours. Snaps make conversations more spontaneous, visual and fun.

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TAM: Thoughts Around Me

Thoughts Around Me, is absolutely ingenious. It’s a totally anonymous social network where you can share your thoughts, respond to others and totally feel better about your own problems. There is something nostalgic about TAM, reminds me of agony aunt in teenage magazines back in the 90s.

When I first came across TAM, I thought “why the hell would I want to share my thoughts anonymously? I want people to know my opinions and I’ll just post it on Facebook!”. But what about that embarrassing thing that you did last night? Or having a bitch about someone who wronged you? Would you post that on Facebook? Lets be honest, airing your dirty laundry on social networks isn’t cool. People don’t want to hear about it!

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That is why there is TAM!


Ok, so twitter isn’t that new, in fact it’s been around since 2006. However, Twitter, for most people is untouched territory. Twitter came out almost around the same time Facebook did and I think at the time people segregated in two groups, Facebook lovers and ALL social media haters. Eventually due to demands of a digitally social world, those social media haters turned into twitter users. Here’s why:

Answers: When anything major happens in the world and you need immediate answers, Twitter has it.  Traffic jams, breaking news, celebrity news, politics, the loud gunshot sound you heard in your neighborhood, Twitter gots dem answers.

No baby or wedding photos: Although baby photos and wedding photos are great, seeing just that constantly can become annoying especially for singles in their late 20’s. Yes, you can share a few photos on Twitter, but not like on Facebook. Twitter is more about information and expressing opinions.

Networking & Marketing: Twitter is an awesome tool for business and you can reach people faster than you would at a conference or networking event. I know some people who have even found jobs using Twitter.

Creative: The fact that it’s short, quick and fast (you only get 140 to construct a tweet) forces people to really get creative. Which is probably one the first things that putt all those Facebook lovers off Twitter. 

Tweet me your thoughts @meginterrupted or snap me at: meginterrupted, and if you want to remain completely anonymous post it on TAM.


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