You Are f@#%ing Dating!

You Are f@#%ing Dating!

"We just hanging out". I swear, if I hear that line one more time, I am going to seriously lose my sh!t. 

Mid twenties and up means the comfortable, yet delightful stage of nesting nicely on the other side of singledom or at least on the path to “oh sh!t, all my friends are in relationships, better find someone to stay home with” – because, well everyone is doing it. In fact, you can count your single friends on one hand…eeerm maybe even half a hand! However, you still find you have those stragglers, with loose ends, the “we just hanging out” couple.  What 25-30 year old just hangs out with someone? 

No offense to those who are currently in this phase, but here’s a news flash for all of you who claim to be “just hanging out”. If any of the below occurs during your phase, you are not “just hanging out”, you are f@$%ing dating! 

1. He gets mad when you flirt with other people.

If someone holds some sort of claim over you, then yes they will get mad if you flirt with someone else in front of their faces. Sure people get jealous over silly things sometimes, but when it comes to flirtatious interactions or you giving attention to other guys, this only means one thing – this person has feelings for you.

You like it and it only means one thing – you are f#$^ing dating, weather you admit it or not.

2. He’s met your family.

Who would waste their time, another persons time, and your precious family’s time? Meeting the family is basically, another way to say we’re official without actually saying it. If you think otherwise, you are only lying to yourself – you are F$^%ing dating!

3. Your friends automatically presume he’s your plus one.

If your friends ask if he’s also coming? Then guess what – you’re f@#$ing dating.

4. You post pictures of just you two.

Don’t fool yourself, its not because the sunset behind you was too pretty not to post. Surprise – you are f#$@ing dating!

5. If he has full access to your apartment.

You wouldn’t just give anyone access now would you?

6. If he holds your hand

No one else holds hands unless they are yes, dating!

7. You don’t feel the need to leave the next day.

You wake up at their apartment, and you don’t immediately get the urge to leave. In this case it is because you’re a couple, yes that’s what couples do!

8. You talk on the phone.

Because who the hell talks on the phone these days – oh yes, couples do!

9. You sleep together more than you sleep alone.

If you spend most nights sleeping at each others spots, you have a significant other.

10. Actually if you just sleep, you are f@#$ing dating.

Sleep overs without sex? Yep! That’s a relationship!

Finally, if you stop worrying about the future, you are f@#$ing dating, because this is your future.

Get real or get out! 

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