Happily Never After: 8 Reasons Why Romance Is Dead


Gone are the days of chivalry and courteous manners, when gentlemen use to be just that - courteous, smooth gentlemen. 

Who remembers limited contact and set in stone plans? Getting picked up at the door with flowers?  Putting on your best dress for the occasion? Getting car doors opened and chairs pulled out. Lets not forget the most important one: not expected to sex on the first date.  I don't....because....I'm not that old. However, old skool, romance movies have taught us everything we need to know. Right? Things have drastically changed since those days.  Here's why those concepts are now outdated and romance has actually started freaking chicks out and basically died.

Here's 8 reasons why it freaks chicks the f$%^ out.

1. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy!


The only crazy thing about your our first encounter is getting flowers delivered to my work the next day we meet or hook up ...because who does that these days? Flowers that soon, scream desperation and neediness. 

2. Throwing stones at my window.


Means no more surprise serenading me during the early hours of the morning because security already notified me, and you're kind of freaking me out so I'm not letting you in.

3.  Love letters vs. instant messages.


Back in the day...there was no form of instant messaging and love letters were always fashionably late and that was hot. Nowadays getting whatsapp messages happens instantly as long as you have data or you're in a wifi zone, which is pretty much all the time.  It's sweet but .....your instant feelings give me instant pains.

4. Opening car doors and pulling out chairs.

We are equals! Equality became thing so as women we're supposed to fend for ourselves, earn as much as men do, vote and get involved in politics. When we're expected to do all that...I'm pretty sure we can open our own doors and sit wherever we want. Central locking totally helped kill this one! When guys are acting all gentleman like and shit, what they really mean is this:


5. Dressing for the occasion.

Seeing you is not the only time I can dress up! In fact I'm allowed to dress for the occasion every day of the week at work, at gym and at home. I don't look this good for you. I look this good for me!


6. Getting picked up.


Ummm, I have my own car and I can leave when I want.  Ever seen Investigation Discovery's TV hit show Dates From Hell? Well like 99% of the time she gets in the car in hopes of getting swept off her feet. Coincidence? I think not!

7. Sex

You want to have sex? Well so do I and if you want to wait, then I guess the thought is sweet but "Are you gay? " If I choose to be a slut it's my decision, it's my prerogative but lets face facts if I sleep with you on the first date I probably don't even like you that much and I've had too much to drink.  


8.) Life is no fairy tale

Lets get real girls, the lower your expectations the less likelyhood of a big fat dissapointment. Stop watching predictable romantic comedies where everyone lives happily ever after. Because this is real fucking life and actually in fact you are probably better off single anyways. We all know that blondes and singles have more fun anyways.  


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