Are Fitbits Just A Fitness Fad?

Fitbit flex
Are Fitbits Just A Fitness Fad?

If you haven’t already noticed but people have been wearing strange looking accessories lately. Identity tag, bracelet looking thingys, borderline watch. But what are they?

More and more people are jumping onto the fitness/activity tracking bandwagon. When I first saw people wearing these weird things, I was somewhat confused but quite curious. I’ve also been quite an active bit#@, so when I saw people wearing these prison tag type things, I was intrigued. I wanted to see what the fuss was about? Could Fitbit really make me reach my fitness goals? Could it motivate me that extra bit? Or is this just another gimmick, or as I have heard people calling it – a glorified pedometer.

So I tried a Fitbit Flex. Fitbit Flex is aimed at tracking activity, sleep and diet. It tracks activity by counting the number of steps you take, calories burned and distance covered. It also tracks your “active minutes”. You can set daily goals and the app notifies you when you’re close to reaching your goal or if you’ve reached it.

It tracks sleep quality at night, and then wakes you up in the morning by vibrating softly.

You can also log your food intake and water consumption and set weight loss goals, which will then calculate how many calories you should be taking in versus how many burnt.

It uses bluetooth to sync to the Fitbit App which can be downloaded for Android and IOS Devices.

But is the Fitbit Flex all that is hyped up to be?

Take The Stairs

Evidently this happened. I found myself using the stairs a whole lot more now. It was not until I got a Fitbit that I realized how inactive it is having a desk job. Which in turn motivated me to try take more steps during the day. Taking the stairs, parking further away from the entrance and taking regular walks.  When every step you take is counted, every step counts!


I was keen to push the limits of my Fitbit Flex at the gym and see how it would track my exercise regimes.  Unfortunately, though, the Fitbit Flex doesn’t have a heart rate monitor and the calories burnt are actually tracked by steps taken. So the Fitbit Flex is pretty useless at tracking spinning/cycling or any other activity other than walking and running. Even when taking HIIT classes at the gym such a Grid and 24, Flex won’t necessarily track those as active minutes, it will track your steps but Flex still but favors walking and running. I did a bit a research and it turns out some people are trying to use their Flex for tracking spinning by wearing their Flexs’ on their ankles and their pockets – Fitbit however doesn’t recommend this. I tried a spin class with the Flex in the pocket of my gym pants. I don’t think it was 100% accurate.

What you can do to track activites other than walking and running can manually log activity’s. However, I wasn’t convinced this was an accurate indication of calories burned. Especially when it said I had only burned 110 calories burning a 45 minute indoor cycling class.

If you’re looking for an exercise tracker which tracks work outs such as spinning, HIIT workouts and so on, I would rather opt for the Fitbit Charge which comes with a heart rate monitor which will be more accurate.


Looking forward to tracking my hikes with Fitbit Flex. Generally speaking, Flex is great for initiating good old fashioned exercise. Out of gym activities such as going for a walk to the shop instead of driving, going for a run or a hike. Anything more advanced I would defiantly opt for a heart rate monitor option.


The bonus to with Fitbit is that you can link to your Discovery Health Vitality and you start raking up those points. Another great motivator to start getting active. In turn reaping the vitality benefits.

According To My Fitbit

The beauty of tracking activities is that you can analyse your data! Make findings and conclusions about when you were most active or less active and then make lifestyle changes to improve your activity. According to my Fitbit, I am most active when consuming alcohol and socializing with friends. LOL!

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