Urban Beauty Famous 5 Make-up Brushes


You can't acheive good make-up without good tools. - Francios Nars

I don’t think I’ve bought make-up brushes since the dawn of time – well actually since I first started using make-up properly.Which was when I left school and did a gap year and started doing a make-up artistry course and kind of needed brushes. If I’m not mistaken it was the make-up forever brushes, which really lived up to their name, because I in fact still use some of their brushes that have lasted over 10 years!

Since, my brushes were getting a bit skanky, and I got so bored of buying one brush at a time…I thought it’s time! Time to upgrade and get a whole set. Instead of denting my pocket and going out to buy MAC brushes I decided to try out something that was a bit more budget friendly.

Hygienically packaged and bright hot-pink and at only R210 a pack from Clicks the famous 5 by Urban Beauty United were bagged in an instance. Made out of nylon bristles and natural bristles these babies are not only affordable but they actually work.


Foundation brush #20

I haven’t had one of these in a long time, which I am not regretting not getting sooner. Nobody wants base fingers leaving their finger prints all over their outfit. A few light strokes and you’re on your way to creating a perfect canvas for your make-up look.

MG 9016 Fotor


Eye shadow Brush: Shady Lady #30

Usually I prefer I smaller brush that doesn’t feel “loose” and applies a more concentrated amount of shadow. The shady lady felt a bit “loose” than what I’m usually use to however it didn’t fail to disappoint. She blends so softly and naturally which makes a perfect natural look.

MG 9020 Fotor


Drama Queen #31

This drama queen, has been designated to fill my brows and perfectly every time. I am yet to try it as a liner brush and it would most likely fail to disappoint and even better that it also serves as eyebrow brush.

MG 9017 Fotor


Screen Preen #10

Finishing touches have never been this flawless. I usually use a natural matt type bronzer to do my finishing touches over my foundation. Although it’s still brilliant, I’m not convinced its better then the kaubuki brush.

MG 9015 Fotor 


Undercover Lover #21

Although I’m not huge on using concealer user, now that I had a concealer brush I decided to try it. Strong and works wonders on small areas to cover any imperfections perfectly.  

MG 9018 Fotor2




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