Skin Therapy Face Oil by Palmers Cocoa Butter

skin therapy oil
Skin Therapy Face Oil by Palmers Cocoa Butter

The Palmers range is one of my favorite discoveries to date, which I keep coming back to throughout the years.  The moisturizer and gradual tanners are by far the best most succulent skin indulgence out there.

So when I saw a small little bottle of goodness on the shelf I was eager to give it a try. I've never tried any Palmers face products, and seeing as I am a dry skin sufferer who is concerned about wrinkles and signs of aging, I was keen to see if it promised combatting everything it was selling on the bottle. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and aging skin? Yes, sign me up! Send me supplies.  

Here's the scoop of this product

Yes I freaking love it. The best part is that it's pocket friendly, so why spend hundreds of rands on expensive branded products when this little gem offers a multi-purpose solution to all your skin woes.  Packed with 10 different oils including coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil including vitamin C and rosehip oil this product offers targets multiple problems.

Hydration Station

Although not really suitable for daytime use - it is oil after all, its perfect as a night treatment. The fruity rosehip fragrance gives it a nice smell and I'm not kidding when I say my skin feels like a baby's bum the morning after. If winter totally sucks your face dry, this is the perfect product to rehydrate. Even better in summer months when persperation and swimming dehydrates your natural skin oils. This face oil is perfect for all year round use. 


This product contains retinol, which is a skin-tightening and whitening chemical so your skin may become sensitive to sun, so I would try avoiding exposure to sun. Generally speaking, sun should be avoided, that sh!4 is the reason you get wrinkles. As much as I love natural summer glows, sunshine and outdoors, the sun is bad for your skin. Retinol kind of makes skin more senestive than usual so exposing your skin to sun is highly discouraged. Be careful with the sun - always. 

Dark Spots

In terms of uneven skin tone, I've never really had an issue in this department, so I can’t really tell if it has had much of an impact. Dark spots are in the same boat but over all my skin does feel more succulent and youthful, which is the most important factor right?  I kind of do feel it does provide more even skin tone. 

Avoid contact with eyes

Avoid contact with eyes and entire eye area in fact. What I do is apply my eye cream first before applying the face oil. This creates a nice barrier between eye area and your face area.

If you haven't tried this magic in a bottle I highly recommend that you get your hands on this stuff, visit your nearest Dischem now! 


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