Make-up Removing Miracles

make up removing miracles
Make-up Removing Miracles

I take removing make-up very seriously and although I love make-up, leaving it on over night is a personal pet peeve.

Yack! I believe that looking after the canvas that it goes on is kind of more important. Make-up clogs pores, can sometimes activate oil production or worse dry skin out and causes skin to age. Dark circles? Flaky skin? The list goes on and on! 


While you sleep skin rejuvenates, rests and restores itself from damages which may have occurred from harsh pollutants. However, sleeping with make-up on hinders this process and leaves skin tired and drained in the morning.


Leaving make-up on overnight will clog up your pores and leave your pores full of bacteria. Not only will your pores get larger but after several nights, you won’t just have a few blackheads to deal with.

Removing make-up is so important and with so many make-up removing products out there its become so easy. Lazy girls don’t have any excuses to use with so many options out there nowadays.

1.)   Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water

This stuff literally blew up over night. But then again who doesn’t want an easy to use product which cleanses and removes make-up in 1 simple step. While hydrating and soothing face and eyes, without needing to rub the heck out of your skin.

The secret to this formula is that this “water” actually contains tiny oil particles which makes it simple to remove impurities without harsh chemicals that are usually packed into most make-up removers.  My sensitive skin hates chemically fuelled make-up removers, even make-up wipes always start to sting around my eye area. I was pleasantly surprised when my skin didn’t sting. It’s fragrance free and totally amazing. The only annoying part is that you’re going to need a F$%* load of cotton pads and for that reason I don’t use it as a sole make-up remover. I use it after I’ve used a face wash to remove anything that might have not washed off. Doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight, no rinsing needed and 100% hypoallergenic!

2.)   Essence: My Skin Caring Cleansing Wipes

Face wipes give you no excuses to not remove your face before bed. I always have a pack of these babies on my bedside table, for those odd occasions where I cant bring myself to do anything but get suck into a sleep coma due to a rough night or whatever the case! These wipes are packed with almond oil, pomegranate and bamboo extract which make up a caring formula. Alcohol and paraben free which is perfect for my sensitive eyes. These are also perfect for travelling or just having them in my hand bag for on the go oopsy’s or make up re-do’s!

3.)   Coconut Oil

I literally use coconut oil for everything and it does not fail to fall short when it comes to removing make-up. This make-up remover wins hands down. There couldn’t be a more natural way to remove make-up. Natural, free of chemicals, moisturizing and make-up literally glides off. Takes my skin to heaven. Especially good when my skin is feeling dehydrated from the sun or during the winter months. 

Three must have’s when it comes to removing make-up! Totally affordable and totally easy, no matter what excuse you have! Don’t wear your face to bed. 


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