Last Night…Olaplex Saved My Hair

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Last Night…Olaplex Saved My Hair

Perception of Blondes: Blondes have more fun? Wrong! What being blonde actually means: Over processed damaged hair drudgery. Why did they not invent Olaplex sooner?

I’ve been blond my entire life and generally speaking even after bleaching it (in salon) numerous times my hair remained in a fairly good condition, until – Actually I can’t quite put my finger on it and I do have numerous theories I could explain in detail, but lets rather not get into that. The good news is that the hair gods have finally brought holy water for blonde hair!

So why is this stuff so good? 

Well I’m going to avoid giving you a chemistry lesson, but what it does is claim to “reconnect broken disulfide bonds”. It’s a bond multiplier which limits damaging hair before and during coloring. In laymen’s term, it restores damaged hair and it brings it back to its original state.

In-salon treatment

So there are a few different ways you can use Olaplex. You can mix it in to your color or have it as a stand alone treatment. I’m currently on an anti-dye rampage and haven’t dyed since December 2014 - after I tried Olaplex, I was tempted to whack out the bleach again! However, I abstained just because I am curious to see my hair’s natural color.  No1 and No2 are used as in-salon treatments and No3 is a take home treatment which you can do in-between treatments.

Home treatment

My hair felt like butter after my in-salon treatment. I was suffering from heavy product build up and dry brittle ends. After my treatment I went back to my hairdresser for more and got the No3.  The No3 is like a pre-mask, at least that’s how you use it. Shampoo hair, apply the Olaplex on wet hair, in sections while combing and massaging it through. The packaging says leave in for 15 minutes, however you can leave it in for longer and even over night.

I swear by this new miracle hair drug! Olaplex where have you been my whole life? I won’t be highlighting even one strand without this holy water and neither should you. This stuff is so good its easy to get a bit obsessed with it which could end up being costly but all in the name of fabulously beautiful hair! 

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