How To Get The Perfect (Fake) Tan?

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If you’re anything like me…lilly white…during the winter months, you will definitely need to fake it, before stepping into summer bikini’s and blinding your fellow friends and family! 

Luckily Carribean Tan is here to save your lilly white tush!  I’ve tried various different brands and well Carribean Tan seems to be the best - hands down! Luckily their range is also affordable and pocket friendly.

Here’s how I get my golden glow with Caribbean tan.


1.)  Caribbean Tan Mouse – Shade B

2.)  Tanning Mitt, extremely N.B

3.)  Palmers Gradual Tan 


Step 1: Prep 

Preparing your skin is very important, make sure you’ve showered, shaved and scrubbed!  Your skin should be free of deodorants and moisturizers. I like to apply my tan either before bed or when I have a bit of free time and the ability to roam around in my underwear for a while (which is great for setting the tan).

Step 2: Tanning

I like using the mousse because unlike the spray it doesn’t go everywhere! Using a mitt when applying any fake tan is also important because it keeps your hands from going orange! I pump a generous amount of mousse onto the mitt and try applying as evenly as possible. Let dry! About 10 minutes. I like to let it dry for longer before getting dressed. In the morning  - 8 hours later I take a shower and scrub off any uneven streaks ONLY. Think of it like blending eye shadow.  Do not exfoliate your tan.

Step 3:  Moisturize

Maintaining and taking care of your tan is very important. My absolute favorite is the Palmers Gradual Tan Moisturizer.  It not only leaves your skin nicely moisturized, but it will start building a gradual tan. Making your self-tan a bit deeper and more golden. 

Maintaining is simple, just moisturize, sometimes I like to add a sneaky layer of mousse. When you’re ready for a new layer of tan, exfoliate and do step 1 – 3. Being tanned just got a whole lot simpler. I swear by this!

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